About The Bee-Natural Project

Troy Robinson is the business owner of Bee-Natural International Ltd who had already established a successful business selling Collagen on E-bay & Amazon in recent years however, he came to Londons IMCA with a problem.

His problem was that he relied too much on Amazon & E-bay to generate sales for his business and understood at any moment his rankings could drop on either platform. If this happened it would be catastrophic for his business, so he needed security.

We provided a solution where he now has a fully functioning e-commerce website. We manage and maintain the website, we use our marketing skills to generate more sales for his business using different strategies, help with customer service and also most importantly provide security for his business where his customers on E-bay & Amazon, can now come to the Bee-Natural website directly to place their orders for high-quality Collagen which is shipped worldwide.

“A Great digital agency” I now have a fully operational business and a new stream of income independent of eBay and Amazon.

The project was managed from start to finish perfectly by Craig who was able to foresee and recommend problem solutions. His communication is 2nd to none and I would definitely recommend his company to those looking for a new website or in need of a project manager for Internet marketing or Website design.
Troy Robinson


Release Date

Feb 2019


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