About The Londons IMC Blog Project

Londons Internet Marketing College & Agency (IMC & IMCA) are projects inspired by marketing gurus, mentors and coaches Simon Coulson & Paul O Mahony. 

Londons Internet Marketing College consists of 2 businesses. Firstly IMC teaches you how to do Internet Marketing yourself, and secondly, for IMCA (Agency), we do the work for you. Ethier way, you will achieve your business objectives.

The IMC blog is a wealth of information in the internet marketing & digital currency world. The purpose of this blog is for it to be used as a credible reference point and provide valuable information about how to make money on the internet. You can find topics on the blog by using the search feature.

Students of Londons IMC can also get support by signing up to the mailing list, using the chatbot, or visiting the shop to buy courses.

"Londons Internet Marketing College and Agency are more than a business. They are tools to stay up-to date in a fast moving industry".
Craig Langlais
Business owner


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October 2019


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