Customer Support

What is good customer support?

Good Customer Support is the process of providing the best service for prospects or customers of a business. This is generally achieved by responding to questions quickly and fully answering and satisfying any queries customers may have. This can be done by either a phone call, chatbot, or email.


Why use our Customer Service Package?

Our customers use our Customer Service Package to save time, provide the best service for their customers, and make more sales. Essentially the purpose of a business is to make money, and having a brilliant relationship with your customers helps to achieve this.

What can we do for you?

At London’s IMCA we can take the pressure off your business in a variety of ways. We can handle the following customer queries:

  • Phone calls.
  • Chatbot human chat requests.
  • Emails.

We do the above by understanding your business most frequently asked questions. By knowing your business F.A.Qs we can deal with most support requests. If the question is something we can’t deal with, we will contact you for more information to relay to the customer. Customers will only have the opportunity to call us for concerns that we can immediately handle without contacting you.

Your quote for this service will depend on the number of support requests we will be dealing with on average on a monthly basis. The more support your customers need, the higher your monthly fee to us will be.


What do we expect from you?

We need you to provide your business F.A.Qs (frequently asked questions), and also let us know what type of support you need, phone, email or chatbot human chat request.

The process

Once you tap the Get Started Button and fill out our Customer Service Survey, we will understand what your requirements are.

We will arrange a video call to talk about your business and then email you a quote stating the costs of this service. We will agree upon a recurring monthly fee that justifies the amount of work we will be doing for you for the number of support requests we are handling.

When the quote is agreed we will email you a digital term of service, which will outline what is expected from both parties, you the client and us the service provider. Once you have paid via our payment link you will be assigned a project manager and your setup of this service will begin.