Digital Creative Design

What is Digital Creative Design?

Digital Creative design is the creation of any Graphics, Video or Audio that end up on a digital screen. The screen could be a laptop, phone, tablet or any other device.


Why use Digital Creative Designer?

A Digital Creative Designer can bring your vision to reality. For example, if you wanted a specific or customised type of image created for a website, leaflet or poster this type of designer would make this possible. Also, if you wanted a cartoon style video, to express your business and tell your audience about your promotion, a digital creative designer would do this and make your vision a reality. Another example is if you needed audio to talk over your video but for example, in a Russian accent or any other accent, a creative designer would be used for this also.

What can we do for you?

At London’s IMCA we have worked closely with Creative Designers of the best quality over the years. We know how to get the best out of our staff and this happens because we spend time understanding the vision you are trying to create.

We can produce a digital element you will be proud to present to your audience. We achieve this because we are trained to use the best software in the industry when creating your work.


What do we expect from you?

Clarity! Clarity is what we expect from you. When you explain what you want us to create we need you to produce examples and to be clear with your explanations. We will have a short phone consultation first to get an idea of your project.

Examples could be hand-drawn on a piece of paper, or you could send us links to already created examples of what you are trying to create. All examples will be sent to your project manager for review. This information will help us to allocate the right designer to do your job properly, and we will do this with minimum mistakes or revisions.

We will take the pressure off you. All you have to do is as we have described, and we will do the rest!

The process

Once you tap the Get Started Button and fill out our Digital Creative design Survey, we will know your budget and what you are trying to create. We will immediately tell you if your vision can be achieved, based on these criteria.

We will then send you a quote for your job via email, and a timescale of when your digital elements can be completed. Both you the client & us the service provider will sign a digital term of service document expressing what is expected from both parties.

Once you have paid via our payment link you will be assigned a project manager to help you achieve the look, style or audio you are trying to achieve for your brand. You will have 5 revisions in getting your creative design work right, therefore we will keep working on your project and make up to 5 changes or more until your project is correct and how you want it. Further revisions may be subject to further fees paid to us.

Once your digital design is complete, you will have ownership of your project, and we will provide a simple document expressing this. Your ownership will also be expressed in the terms of service.