Google SEM Marketing

What is SEM Marketing?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. We will use Google's advertising platform to create a powerful advert that achieves your objectives. Whether it is to generate leads, traffic or sales we can do this for you using Google Ads. Our staff have experience and the right training to get you the results your business needs.


Why use SEM Marketing?

SEM Marketing is all about targeting people who are already looking for your product or service. Therefore the leads are already warm and are ready to make a purchase if your price is right. The key is to be good at closing your deals. Whether over the phone, website or via email, the more leads you get from SEM Marketing essentially it’s you that has to sell your product or service to reap the rewards.

What can we do for you?

We can do your SEM Marketing for you, and manage your campaigns. Whatever your marketing objective is, we have the experience and training to help you accomplish it within the agreed budget. We will also try to get you the maximum discount we can with Google.


What do we expect from you?

We will get you the results. All we request from you is feedback. Tell us how our adverts are performing, and if you are getting results. We can also tell how well your ads are performing, however, it is essentially up to you to have the sales experience to close the deals when the phone rings.

The process

Once you tap the Get Started Button we will want to know more about your goals by filling out our Google form. We will want to know information such as what your advert landing page is, and how much money you have disposable as an advertising budget. 

You will then be emailed a quote and an anniversary date as to when you pay your advertising fees. It will be the same fee each month.

Once we have all the necessary information we will both, you the client & us the service provider sign a digital term of service expressing what is expected from both parties.

Once you have paid via our payment link you will be assigned a project manager to help you with your Campaigns.