Logo Design

What is a Logo?

A Logo is an image, picture or graphics that represent your brand. Whether it be the McDonald's golden arches, the KFC’s Cornell or the Starbucks lady, all of these Logos are recognised worldwide and are the visual gateway to their business. You could achieve the same with a Logo designed by London's IMCA.

London's IMCA has specialist Logo designers that produce quality work time and time again. The key is consistency and every design our designers produce is quality, and to the satisfaction of all our customers.


Why have a Logo?

A Logo is a visual way of being recognised. As your brand grows, your logo will become recognised, and when used correctly and placed in the right locations, your logo will serve your business in your best interest, which is predominantly to make money.

What can we do for you?

We can design a Logo of your preference within the time agreed between us. All Logos will be yours to own for commercial use after completion, and you will have this agreement in writing from our designer.


What do we expect from you?

When it comes to designing your logo we would like you to express and give us examples of the look and style you are trying to replicate. You can do this by sending us examples, and letting us know what colours, borders or fonts you would like in your design. This way we have a good starting point in creating your design. The better you are at doing this, the more accurate we will be in creating your finished Logo for your brand.

Please abide by and remain compliant with our terms of service document, which will be signed and agreed upon by both parties before starting the job.

The process

Once you tap the Get Started Button and fill out our Logo Survey we will understand more about what type of look you are trying to achieve. We will then send you a quote for your job via email, and a timescale of when your Logo can be completed. Both you the client & us the service provider will sign a digital term of service document expressing what is expected from both parties.

Once you have paid via our payment link you will be assigned a project manager to help you achieve the look and style you are trying to achieve for your Brand’s Logo. You will have 10 revisions in getting your Logo right! Therefore we will keep working on your Logo and makeup to 10 changes until your Logo is correct and how you want it. Further revisions may be subject to further fees paid to us.

Once your Logo is complete, you will have ownership of your Logo and will provide a simple document expressing this. Your ownership will also be expressed in the terms of service documentation.