Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is when a product or service is promoted to a potential customer via the use of their mobile phone. This can be achieved by Email, SMS, MMS, Social Media or Mobile applications.

Mobile Marketing is a very broad area. We would have to know more about your business in order to advise what strategies we would use to boost your Mobile Marketing Campaigns.


Why use Mobile Marketing?

Over 60% of online sales come from mobile users. Therefore why would you not use Mobile Marketing? Mobile Marketing via SMS is the quickest and easiest way to contact your audience. In comparison to Email Marketing, your messages get read more with Mobile SMS marketing because the deliverability rates are much much higher. We have strategies we could use for your business that could collect leads and send automated SMS messages at different dates, days and times to promote your product or service.

What can we do for you?

We can do your Mobile Marketing for you, by creating a suitable funnel within the time agreed between us to achieve your business objectives.


What do we expect from you?

In order to provide you with the best service possible, we would need you to be clear and transparent about your business and its objectives. The better you know what you are trying to accomplish, the better we will be at advising you on the best strategy to help you. Please tell us what services you may already be using for your business and what your budget is.

The process

Once you tap the Get Started Button and fill out our Mobile Marketing Survey we will have a better idea about your business and your budget. We will then contact you and propose what strategy we think is best for your business regarding Mobile Marketing, and give you a quote.

If the quote is agreed upon, we will send you the terms of service document via email where both you the client & us the service provider will sign the digital agreement that will express what is expected from both parties and the timescales to achieve it.

Once you have paid via our payment link you will be assigned a project manager to help you achieve your goals. Then we can start to work on your project.